Wildest Dreams
Beverly LeVere

"Fictional life experiences once kept behind closed doors.......until now!"


Welcome to my website!
I'm Beverly LeVere, author of Wildest Dreams.

About the Author
Beverly LeVere, a native of "The City of Brotherly Love," is a former fashion designer and a successful wedding and special events planner. She is a former student of The Weiss-Barron Acting Institute and The NYC Drama Guild. The author is also a lover of the arts and spends most of her spare time working with blind and visually-impaired persons.

About my latest book, Wildest Dreams

Beverly LeVere, a self-proclaimed lover of life and romance and what's at the heart of her stories: love, lust and lies, shares eight erotic short stories and one nonfiction article to tantalize and tease readers into both exploring what lies beyond the surface of what excites them sexually and probing new areas of discovery. Readers have said, "Her romantic scenes, whether between men and women or women and women, are always touching."

In Kevin: The Transportation Lover-man, a playboy bus driver lives out his wildest sexual fantasy in fulfilling, albeit unexpected, ways. Driving his bus will never be the same again. In Brittany, a young woman discovers that opening herself up to new experiences can be a catalyst for fun. In Sugar C. Kane, a young woman's nocturnal dream results in a sweetness she longs to experience in her waking life. In Tony: The E-mail Lover, a professional basketball player is stunned by the effects a girlfriend's electronic messages have on him.

Enjoy these passionate, sensual short stories and let them play into your carnal desires. Through LeVere's unique spin on the ever-fascinating topics of identity, class, intimacy, sexuality, and various friendships, it's easy to discover within these stories your own Wildest Dreams.